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We.Ar Trash

That’s right! Cosmo Crew products are literally made from plastic trash. And we are proud to wear it.

Not only is Cosmo Crew passionate about reducing the use of single-use plastics, we get pretty excited to turn old products into something entirely new. So, fishing nets and plastic bottles can become your hottest new swimwear!

The plastic problem in our oceans is only worsening and our sea life is suffering. Nobody likes to dive under a wave and get a face full of plastic bag, or worse – a nappy. Every little bit of plastic matters.

Most of our products are made from a fabric called Carvico Vita. This is an Italian recycled fabric made with Econylâ- a regenerated Nylon that was once ocean trash. Vita consists of recycled plastic bottles and Nylon from recovered fishing nets. It also has a component of LycraâXtra LifeÔ which prevents the fabric from fading and helps to retain its shape. Check out our cool list of product features:

CosmoCrew_triangleRecycled fabric made from recoveredocean fishing nets & discarded plastic bottles
CosmoCrew_sunExcellent UPF 50+ sun protection.
CosmoCrew_wavesQuick drying, and manage moisture fora range of environments.
CosmoCrew_cloudSoft, warm, lightweight and geothermal.
CosmoCrew_symbolResistant to more than 240 hours inchlorine & resistant to suncreams & oils.
CosmoCrew_moonExcellent shape retention and 4-waystretch for action & comfort.
CosmoCrew_starEthically and sustainably producedby an eco-conscious company.

Our soft beach shorts are made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and are built for mischievous, wave chasing, nature-loving souls. Organic cotton uses less harmful chemicals which is safer for the kids wearing them, the farmers who harvest the cotton, and the surrounding plants and animals. 

Cosmo Crew is an Australian company who create ecoluxe kids’ swimwear and base layers for the fun-loving, adventurous souls who live and play in the sun, sea and snow.

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