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How to have an Eco Easter!

With Easter and the school holidays just around the corner, we thought it the perfect time to bring you our favourite Easter activities. Not only will these activities keep your little people busy, but they are also excellent at bringing a more sustainable focus to Easter celebrations. That’s what we call a WIN WIN!

In 2009, WRAP stated that in the UK alone, 3000 tonnes of Easter egg packaging were discarded annually. We shudder to think what that figure is like in other developed nations and how it has increased over time. The good news is we can make a huge difference by tweaking some much-loved Easter traditions.

Gift Handmade Easter Cookies

Nothing beats some hand-baked goodness! Instead of gifting teachers and grandparent’s chocolate, hop into the kitchen and bake up some delicious Easter cookies. The kids can get creative with decorating and the cookies can be wrapped in some homemade in a reusable Easter themed beeswax wrap that can be used over and over again (that’s another craft right there!).

Make Easter Cards

All you need is some card stock and glue to make a nature inspired Easter card. Draw an outline of an egg in pencil, then get the kids outside to forage for materials. Look for fallen Autumn leaves, small seed pods, shells, twigs or petals. Then allow the kids to create their own Egg using what they have found. If the weather isn’t on your side, pull out your potatoes, paint and carve up some stamps.

Waste Free Egg Hunt

Instead of using individually wrapped Easter eggs on your Easter hunt, why not consider investing in some wooden, reusable eggs that the kids can exchange for wrap free chocolate. Encouraging your kids to paint some wooden eggs is a wonderful way to create beautiful memories with them while reducing waste. The eggs can be used in the Easter egg hunts every year and can be passed on through the generations. Imagine how special it would be finding an egg that was hand painted by your parent or grandparent? If foil covered eggs are unavoidable, check out this fabulous video on how to recycle the aluminium.

Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs

In 2018, it was reported that up to a third of the weight of some Easter eggs was just the packaging – both cardboard and plastic. What better way to reduce waste than by making your own chocolate eggs! This is a big hit with our Cosmo kid’s, but we find we have to keep a close eye on production, there always seems to be a lot of spoon licking happening. You will need to invest in some chocolate moulds however these are widely available and can be used each and every year.

We’d LOVE to see your Eco Easter Creations! Tag us on socials with #cosmocrewlife to be featured on our feed.

From our crew to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Easter.



Easter Cookie Image - Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

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