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Nature-Friendly School Holiday Boredom Beaters

We’re all oh so familiar with the long and drawn out phrase, “Mum, I’m bored” spoken in the most perfect monotone. With school holidays upon us, lets beat them to the chase with some of these fun-filled, action-packed activities that won’t cost an arm and a leg. It will get the kids outside and moving, so that screen time later can be enjoyed guilt-free.

Pitch a tent in the back yard

Plan a camping adventure in the backyard with a real tent, or better yet – make one from sheets, blankets, rope, string, pillows or whatever you can pull together.

Put it up, pack some sandwiches in a lunch box, whip up a jug of something fruity and head outside. Lunch always seems to be enjoyed more in the fresh air.

Go star gazing

Perhaps turn the camping adventure into an evening under the stars. There are some great phone apps to help you decipher your Alpha Centauri from your Southern Cross.

Go on a bug hunt

Parks are always a go-to boredom beater, but why not take a food container or cardboard box and make bug house.

Find and fill with “bug appropriate” foods- leaves, grass, dirt, a little gumnut with water and find some crawly critters.

Catch and release is the aim of the game.

Build a raft from recyclables

With our recycling bins overflowing at this time of year and excessive consumption, why not pull out a few items and challenge the kids to make a floating raft. It should be big enough for the Lego folks to travel on.

Grow a herb garden or edible plants

Kids love getting their hands in the dirt and teaching them about food and nature from a young age is a great way to get them eating vegetables they would normally turn their noses up at. Refer to a seasonal planting guide to see what to plant, where and when.

Catch public transport

The thrill of hopping on a train, bus or ferry to anywhere is one of the simple joys of being a child. Some cities offer a free city transport service: for example Sydney has its 555 tourist shuttle and Melbourne offers a free city circle tram ride, so go on, get out there!

Ride a wave

We all love heading to the beach but are not so fond of dragging down surf boards, boogie boards, chairs, brollies and all the paraphernalia that comes with a day at the beach.

Keep it simple, leave the boards at home and teach the kids how to body surf or try digging your own sandy bathtub.

Beach or Bush Clean Up

As supporters of the charity “Take 3 for the Sea” we love the idea that everyone has a responsibility to take at least 3 pieces of rubbish when they visit a beach or waterway. Why not head out for a walk with some gloves and pick up some rubbish? Teaching kids about taking responsibility for their environment goes a long way and the results can be so gratifying.

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