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Who Makes Cosmo Crew Clothes?

Cosmo Crew cares about who and how our garments are made. We strive to ensure our garments are made in a safe workplace, under ethical conditions at a fair price. We have partnered with a small, family-run factory in Bali, Indonesia, who we have had a relationship with for over seven years. We thought we'd let Andik, the boss, share his story.

What’s your name?
Andik Sugianto

How long have you lived in Bali?
Since 1996

How long have you been tailoring?
I've been working in the family business since 1996. In 2003 I started my own factory. 

How many people work in your factory?
5 staff full time and 20 people work on a casual basis as required. 

What are the start and finish times at the factory?
8am - 5pm, 1 hour lunch break from 12 - 1 pm. We allow time off on Fridays for praying at the mosque.

Why did you want to become a tailor?
I actually studied automotive at high school, but because I was helping and learning in my family business in convection field, I became familiar with the industry. After a few years it became my passion and occupation along the way.

What is your speciality in tailoring?
We are doing almost all kinds of tailoring, but in Bali there are a lot more ready-to-wear and swimsuit fashion, so that’s what I do most of now. 

I also have a passion helping start ups and small businesses to organize and manage the production.

What is your favourite food?
Soto ayam kampong (yellow spicy chicken soup) with ‘free-running chicken’ always puts me in a good mood.

Do you recycle any plastic waste or paper at the factory?
I don’t really do anything special about trash recycling, but I try to give my recycled trash to my neighbours to collect. I also give them my remaining fabric convection for them to make usable bags or doormats.

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